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Holland Engineering specialized in wire EDM (electric discharge machining).  In wire EDM, a wire, ranging in thickness from .004 to .012 of an inch, acts as a charged electrode, while the material to be cut takes the opposite polarity.  Sparks jumping the gap gradually remove material, while a stream of de-ionized water flushes away debris and acts as a dielectric fluid, controlling sparking. Wire EDM yields extremely accurate cuts with no burrs.

Because no physical contact is made between the tool and the workpiece during the wire EDM process, no cutting pressure is exerted on the workpiece. The hardness of the material does not affect the speed of the cutting process. Therefore, wire EDM is a machining process that lends itself well to the creation of intricate, delicate parts. 

Holland Engineering has multiple wire EDM machines to ensure quick turnaround.

Holland Engineering produces a wide variety of items for all types of industries:


Holland Engineering was established in 1939; our commitment to advanced technology, superior tooling and the utmost quality remains unrivaled. We provide wire EDM solutions and services that meet the needs of not only first- and second-tier manufacturers, but also those of OEMs.

Holland Engineering creates products of superior durability and performance, with impeccable dimensional accuracy and repeatability. Whether we’re designing and building new dies or rebuilding and repairing existing tools, our highly trained technicians — all professional tradesman in their corresponding fields — work together to get the job done. Holland Engineering’s attention to detail and commitment to value are unmatched. 
We believe in quality work, completed in a timely fashion at an affordable price. We take pride in providing our customers with cost-saving manufacturing solutions. 


Holland Engineering — Quality Wire EDM

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